A group of female presenting mentors and leaders at UC Davis Health pose for a group photo in front of a bridge with tall glass-paned windows. The subject on the far left and third from left are wearing white scrubs and a lanyard with an employee badge.

Women & Philanthropy Impact Award

Celebrating the Visionaries Who Inspire Women

Women & Philanthropy is united by our belief in the transformative power of philanthropy. We want an inclusive future that celebrates the visionaries who inspire the next generation of leaders. Establishing an endowment for the Women & Philanthropy Impact Award will create a network of philanthropists and leaders who support UC Davis’ mission to make the world a better place.

Award Objective 

This prestigious annual award recognizes a UC Davis faculty or staff member who contribute to the advancement of women in their respective fields, demonstrate exemplary leadership, and make significant contributions to our local and global university communities. The recipient will direct the award of $25,000 to a UC Davis fund of their choice. This is an opportunity to aid student scholarships, women’s health research, the arts, or numerous other areas across all UC Davis’ campuses.

Think of the notable leadership efforts of faculty and staff members you know and consider making a nomination. Tell us about the meaningful ways they are helping transform UC Davis and broader communities.

Award Criteria

The nominee is someone who…

  • Demonstrates exemplary leadership 
  • Makes significant contributions to UC Davis and broader communities, both locally and globally
  • Mentors and guides women through higher education and into rewarding careers
  • Advocates for others and contributes to women’s success within their respective fields
  • Builds inclusion into community outreach and public programs

Who May Nominate 

Any UC Davis faculty or staff, UC Davis Foundation Board Trustee or campus volunteer who is familiar with the individual may nominate. Individuals may not self-nominate and are not eligible to win more than one award in a five-year period. Volunteer leaders to UC Davis are not eligible. Persons holding a title of: Vice Chancellor, Provost, Dean and/or direct reports to the Chancellor of UC Davis are not eligible for nomination.

Instructions to Nominate

Each confidential nomination requires the following:

  • Completed submission form
  • Letter of recommendation written by the nominator (1-2 pages)
  • At least two letters of additional support (1-2 pages each)
  • Resume or CV—not required but strongly recommended (1-2 pages, featuring most relevant accomplishments that speak to the five award criteria)

All documents should include the salient points of the nominee’s scope of work, outlining how the nominee meets each of the five award criteria mentioned above and building a strong case for support. The recipient must have satisfied all or part of the five criteria to be considered for this award.

The nomination packet, with supporting documents, shall not exceed 10 pages in total. Supporting documents may include but are not limited to the following: Letters of Recommendation, a CV/Resume, Nomination Letter and Additional Articles of Support. Evaluation and selection of recipient will be based solely on submitted materials.

How to submit an outstanding nomination

  • Tell the story:  Articulate relationship-building or outstanding behavioral patterns that define outcomes. 
  • Examples/Attachments: Provide examples as attachments to help reviewers visualize the efforts. 
  • Quotes/Endorsements: Use testimonials from donors, coworkers or leadership. 
  • Qualitative & Quantitative: Within your nomination, the recipient must demonstrate both a qualitative relationship with the five criteria and provide quantitative examples of their successes.